Child, School Bus, Safety, Monitoring Solution, Product, Service, System with RFID, smartcard, GPS, webcam, GPRS, SMS, fuel, sensors

NorthStar is the best and lowest cost solution for Child, School Bus, Safety, Monitoring Solution, Product, Service, System with RFID, smartcard, GPS, webcam, GPRS, SMS, fuel, sensors.

NorthStar is used by schools, children, parents, transporters for buses, fuel, tracking, monitoring, alerts, misuse of fleets.

  • Web and mobile app
  • Cloud-based SaaS (software as a service)
  • Real-time GPS School Bus and RFID child Tracking and RFID Management
  • Single dashboard to track buses, children, problems and emergencies during transport
  • SMS alerts for time of arrival, accidents, delays, attendance, boarding
  • In-bus and gate automatic child attendance with RFID and smartcards
  • Low-cost (minimal capital expenditure, low monthly subscription fee)
  • Better ROI (Return on Investment) with optimal usage of fleets
  • Cost savings on fuel (theft prevention and optimal routes) and insurance
  • Parent satisfaction, peace of mind and real-time, accurate estimated time of arrival
  • Gain visibility into any exception that can affect a child safety or efficiency of bus transport fleet

    NorthStar is an integrated child and school bus tracking and monitoring solution that ensures children's safety and security while they travel to school and back. It can:

    • Track your school buses, vans and other vehicles used to transport children
    • Ensure their safety and security
    • Notify you of their impending arrival at pick up and drop off stops
    • Monitor unsafe driving and poor/rash drivers
    • Save you money by optimizing your routes
    • Track, monitor and view your children
    • Monitor their attendance and report truancy
    • Use a unique "school bus black box" with sensors to ensure the safety of school buses and children
    • Monitor the misuse of school buses and their fuel, thereby lowering transportation fees for parents
    • Try NorthStar risk-free for 1 month

    This is a "peace-of-mind solution" that takes into account concerns of parents, school authorities, school bus fleet owners and school bus drivers.


    Global Red Herring Award for Magnasoft NorthStar

    Hong Kong - Saturday, August 18 2012

    Magnasoft NorthStar Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award Winner 2012

    We're proud to announce that Magnasoft NorthStar, India's leading school bus & child safety product in the Amazon Cloud won the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award for 2012 in the Cloud Computing Category.


    Child Attendance


    NorthStar is helping schools track their children both in the buses and within their schools to prevent truancy and improve teacher efficiency - all using a single, integrated platform that receives real-time data from NorthStar's "school bus black box" and sensors.


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